Giorgio Borgonovo

Knowledge Engineer & Business Coach

Business Coach


I am helping companies design their business model and coaching management to develop innovation.

Golderpedia, the Enterprise Knowledge Base


I created and managed the knowledge repository (project Golderpedia) for Golder Associates to collect, catalog, and share knowledge, experiences and corporate culture.

Idea Box


IdeaBox is the place where people can post their ideas and they can be discussed and rated to help find the best ones.

Enterprise Social Network


I performed a study to introduce and use globally tools Web 2.0 (IBM Lotus Connection) to make internal collaboration more efficient and effective.

Customer Relationship Management


Team member and advisor for a trial regarding the introduction of a system of customer management (CRM) using Microsoft Dynamics.

Reporting System


I designed and developed, along with the Italian team, a quarterly corporate data performance reporting system.

Project and Proposal Workspaces


I was the European PM for the the project management system (Proposal and Project Workspaces) based on MS Sharepoint, coordinating regional aspects of communication and training.