Giorgio Borgonovo

Knowledge Engineer & Business Coach

Database Livingstone


I designed and developed an integrated management system for environmental data (project Livingstone).

Parking Design


I made an audit on design of two parkings in Milan

A15 Highway Tunnel (Valico)


3D Analysis for the simulation of demolition and reconstruction of damaged tunnel lining of A15 Highway Tunnel (Valico); Construction Design of Lining Rehabilitation

Polycentric gallery under the station of Bologna


I designed the alarming system for the monitoring system by electrolevels

Autocamionale della Cisa


Check-up and structural rehabilitation of tunnel liners.

XX Winter Olympics Games - Torino 2006 - Design of programmed snow production


Geological, geotechnical and environmental assessment for the design of programmed snow production for three sites (Melezet-Bardonecchia, Serra Granet-Claviere, Sagnalonga-Cesana)

XX Winter Olympics Games - Torino 2006 - Free Style ski run


Geological, geotechnical and environmental assessment and Construction design of the Free Style ski run (Moguls and Aerials) in Sauze D'Oulx (TO - Italy)

Finite Element Modeling of a Slope


Finite Element Modeling of the Time-Dependent deformation of a slope bounding a hydroelectric reservoir to evaluate the effectiveness of a berm to be constructed at the slope toe to reduce its present rate of deformation.

Engineer, Emergency Response Plans

Risk assessment and emergency plans and recommendations for local authorities in Lombardy.